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Clean Your Concrete Surfaces for Spring

Clean Your Concrete Surfaces for Spring

There is always some pride in receiving compliments for a home with great curb appeal. There are many things that contribute to making this a reality. The most prominent is having clean surfaces.

Be it an impressive concrete driveway, walkway or a sidewalk, they have the ability to instantly lift the look of your home. It is often perceived that concrete is a strong, durable and lasting product that doesn’t require maintenance. Contrary to this, concrete can accumulate dirt and become discolored.

Your concrete surfaces in front of your house or even backyard may be exposed to a number of things. Using pressure washing or power washing techniques to clean them is one of the best decisions that you can make.

Pressure/Power washing can rid your concrete surfaces from the following:

  • Stains due to wet piles of mulch

  • Mud on the driveway that hardens solid like a rock

  • Oil spilled due to leak in vehicles

  • Rust Stains

Antifreeze stains due to agents used to melt snow, etc.

Build up of biological miscreants like algae, moss, mildew stains, and mold

It is a healthy practice to undertake regular cleaning of all your concrete surfaces in and around the house. It is preferred to do it twice a year in favorable warm weather of Spring and dry in fall when everything dries up quickly. It helps speed up the process of cleaning.

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There are various techniques in which Driveways are built. It may be the stamped concrete, poured concrete or even decorative concrete. You can enjoy the same look that is devoid of any grime and stains with regular pressure/power washing.

Stains of rust, oil, paint, grease or many others seem to permanently embed themselves into your concrete structure. For cleaning such stringent build ups, professionals make use of powerful cleaning solutions like muriatic acid and highly pressurized water that may be hot or cold.

Seeking expert help will ensure that the right technique is applied to cater to your requirements. There is a reduced threat that there will be any damage to your property, like peeling off of paints due to the wrong temperature of the water. Higher pressure than required, making the surface porous.

Taking the right precautions will ultimately lead to the longevity of your concrete surfaces.

ReNew Cleaning Services, located in Northern Virginia, can give your house the best possible cleaning. Hire us and all your problems related to concrete patios, pavements, porches, stairs, drive through, etc. will all be taken care of.

Contact us today for pristinely clean exterior concrete surfaces of your home.

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