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Clean Your Roof for Spring

Winter is over, and spring is the perfect time to repair all the wear and tear of your house due to the snow. The roof of your house bears the maximum wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions.

The moisture trapped in the roof along with ice damming become a breeding ground for all kinds of algae, molds, moss, and lichen. This shortens the longevity of your roofing materials. In the long run, it can lead to clogged gutters.

Timely cleaning is the best way to prevent damage to your roof. Various cleaning services provide an array of options for roof power washing or pressure washing. It is necessary to select the one which is most beneficial considering the structure and the type of damage on your roof.

The material used in the building is also a crucial factor. Some chemicals may prove to be very harsh and not suitable. It is always advisable to hire professional help to identify the type of cleaning method you must apply. It is very important to understand some technical aspects involved in roof cleaning.


The output pressure of the nozzle, if not regulated properly can damage your roof significantly. The angle at which it is sprayed also impacts the result of this cleaning. It is often possible that high-level pressure may break the adhesive bond and weaken the roof sealant used.

Roof Penetration:

The vents, windows, etc. present on the roof, if not secured properly may result in the penetration of chemicals and water. It is possible that the biological agents like algae and moss get stuck in the cracks and crevices of the roof.

In methods like power washing, roof cleaners, detergents, and other similar chemicals are used. Even the best roof cleaner if not used in the right proportion, or over a stipulated amount of time can result in a major problem later.

Water Temperature:

The major difference in power washing and pressure is that power cleaning involves the use of hot water to loosen the stuck up dirt. An untrained professional may not know the temperature that is supposed to be maintained for a set type of material and may end up severely damaging your roof.

That being said there are many options of soft washing available which can be employed for a relatively new and less damaged roof. Maintenance is always the key to save up the effort of repairing greater damage.

ReNew Cleaning Services located in Northern Virginia is one of the leading providers of cleaning services in the state. We understand the nuances of cleaning your home completely. There is more to cleaning your home than just brightening the exterior and camouflaging the stains.

Contact ReNew Cleaning services today! For your roof assessment and recommendations. We will help you welcome spring with the cleanest house in your neighborhood.

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