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How to get rid of mold with power washing

Do you get tired of seeing that wretched mold blemish on your siding? Maybe it’s green, brown, or black. Whatever the case it is not there to stay if you do something about it.

What is mold? It may seem like a harmless natural organism but, it can have some serious adverse effects on humans and animals alike. Exposure to mold may cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, lung problems and more. If left untreated not only will the mold grow but its effect will increase and cause more serious health complications for you and your family. So, get rid of the mold by employing one or both methods described below.

There are two procedures for removing mold on exterior surfaces.

The first method is to pressure wash the dirty surface. This method is simple. We do suggest you wear safety goggles and a mask.

The second method would be to mix bleach and detergent with water then spraying it on the moldy surface. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes then rinse off with low pressure. This should remove all mold and if there are still blemishes, repeat. Keep in mind that bleach will irritate and cause a reaction if ingested so wear a safety mask and goggles. We also recommend that you cover nearby plants and grass with a drop cloth. Always remember to keep family and pets clear as you apply/spray the solution of water, detergent, and bleach.

ReNew Cleaning Services is proud to be an exceptional mold removing team. By using commercial equipment, the right chemical solutions, and certified practices we get the job done and help you, your family, and pets stay safe. Our goal is to keep your community safe starting with your home. So, if you have mold issues contact us immediately and the rest will be history.

Mold on vinyl siding before and after pressure wash.

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