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power washing recommended during spring.

Updated: May 11, 2019

As winter ends and the day’s for backyard picnics and other activity’s get closer you want your property looking its best. The sky is blue, the greenery is blossoming, and the weather is perfect, it truly is a time to be outside. Showing your home to friends, family, and neighbors is something we will all do eventually. Your property must be well kept and clean to impress!

Do you have stains on your deck or siding? Or maybe your driveway or patio are not just stained but have mold and algae? These are horrible eyesore that need to go!

Maybe you have allowed more than 2 or 3 years to go by without doing the proper power washing maintenance your property deserves.

Here are some tips on areas you want to power wash every spring.

· Siding: to avoid growth and improve longevity of product.

· Sidewalks and driveway: don’t wait till they are shades darker and nasty. Take your time and make sure you clean evenly.

· Patios: as you pressure wash be careful not to damage the grout between stones.

· Decks: power wash your deck every year to protect your decks wood or composite from harmful mold and algae. A stain after your pressure wash would be optimal.

· Outdoor furniture: nobody wants to sit on a dusty chair to sit at a dirty table with the bothersome cobwebs on everything. Get your outdoor furniture cleaned!

Your property will look fabulous and all those who visit will be impressed. After all, first impressions do matter, and a clean home is a happy home!


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