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Pressure Washing is Greener than You Think

You are moving out and planning to sell your house. Don't go to your real estate agent just yet! You could get an instant 5% increase in the appraisal of your unit if you would just have your exterior walls cleaned. You don't have time, but your pressure washing company does. Not just that pressure washing is convenient for homeowners, but for Mother Earth, too.

Less Water and Carbon Footprint

Sometimes called power washing, pressure washing makes use of highly pressurized water to clean all right but it is so efficient that it uses about 75% less water than manually cleaning a patio does.

It is a great deal considering that driveway washing could potentially take hours of your precious schedule to finish. When done professionally, it is faster and easier on the water usage, too. And since it is faster, it uses less energy with just about 15 cents per hour to power up the equipment.

Uses Eco-friendly Chemicals

Cleaning the sidewalks and siding of the house may require only water - no detergents or other chemicals needed. This makes it all the more environmentally sound. However, in some cases, the use of chemicals may come handy as in the treatment of molds.

These molds could damage the material they thrive on, and also pose health risks to your family. Professional pressure washing companies not only know how to safely handle chemicals but also the wastewater that the activity generates. Also, they are well-equipped with tools to clean hard-to-reach areas where molds and parasites could possibly and unknowingly grow.

Uses Less Resources

Roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and concrete pressure washing are all preventive maintenance activities. Pressure washing keeps the surfaces of your house free from grime, dirt, and molds that could degrade the material underneath or mask early signs of damage. You can do away with replacement and re-painting just by having regular cleaning.

Pressure Washing is the Most Eco-Friendly Way

All these benefits for the environment prove that pressure washing is also beneficial for you. It helps your house stay clean (boosting curb appeal) and safe for your family. And in the long run, by contacting your trusted pressure washing company to do the service for you, you can save on thousands of dollars, and your most precious resource - time.

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